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Youth sports


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The aim of youth work in sports is to promote holistic personality development in sport. Youth sports is responsible for representing the political interests of children and young people to political and administrative bodies. It is also responsible for all children and young people and is involved in many areas of social work. The attitudes and behaviours of young people to leisure and sporting activities have undergone enormous change. Training, competition and selection are no longer the exclusive focus. Via sport, young people want contact, atmosphere, fun and games. Youth sports takes up these desires and orientates its range of services around them.


Main tasks

  • Movement, games and sports for children and young people
  • Youth education
  • Cultural work
  • Youth, sports, and social policy
  • International youth exchanges
  • Social work
  • Integration of migrants
  • Gender-specific child and youth work
  • Training of youth work employees



  • Promoting sport
  • Education on critical engagement with the situation in society and on motivating social involvement
  • The promotion of co-participation, co-determination and co-responsibility
  • The development of new forms of sport and education
  • Promoting volunteerism
  • Cooperation with other youth organisations and institutions
  • The promotion of international understanding



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