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Sport helpers/Group helpers

Sport helper training is aimed at school pupils between the ages of 13 and 17 and who are interested in and suitable for offering and supervising exercise, game and sport services for children and young people in schools or in sports clubs.

With Sport helper training, school pupils receive a qualification which entitles them to be deployed as sport helpers in schools and clubs.

The sport helpers are active in the following areas: Break-time sports, school sports clubs, school sports festivals and competitions, sports-oriented projects and school trips, and of course sport helpers contribute many ideas of their own!

SportundGruppenhelferforuminGummersbach._42972At the side of the training instructors, the group helpers help plan sports opportunities for children and their peers. They influence the choice of exercise programmes, introduce trends and thus address the needs of younger people. They contribute to the planning and execution of games and exercises lessons, independently (but under supervision) leading lesson groups or partial groups. In addition, they contribute by ensuring that there’s a lot going on in the club outside the facilitation of sports for young people. In the selection, planning and execution of such activities (e.g. tours, festivals) they support the youth leader.


In 2016, Youth Sports Oberberg is offering summer group helper training at the Fun and Action Camp in Norderney and in Autumn in Radevormwald.

Upcoming events this year:

Group Helpers I: 05-06/11/2016 and 19-20/11/2016

Group Helpers II: 10-11/12/2016 and 17-18/12/2016

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