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Integration via Sport

fluechtlinge2The sports associations Landessportbund NRW and Kreissportbund Oberberg offer various types of assistance in the field of integration. In addition to sports organisations, the Municipal Office for Integration (KI) serves as a network partner which is there to provide clubs with the best possible support in the challenges of assisting migrants and refugees. Alongside the challenges, integration also provides many opportunities for clubs and for every individual club member.

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Integration Concept KSB


On 06/09/2016, our board unanimously adopted the following Integration Concept e.V.:

Integration Concept of KSB Oberberg e.V.

KSB Oberberg e.V. sees organised sports as a key part of integration work. ‘Integration’ is not a matter of one person adjusting; it is a process that involves many sides and many stakeholders. Locals, people with migration backgrounds, institutions and organisations have to act in unison. Here, the KSB functions as a networking and coordinating body. Through tried-and-tested networks from other Kreissportbund (district sports association) programmes, existing contacts from the region can be used, facilitating cross-sectional work.
KSB Oberberg e.V. is committed to increasing the numbers both of members with a migration background and of volunteer members in its affiliated sports clubs. It is also committed to equal participation of migrated people in sports. In addition, KSB Oberberg e.V. should have a role in providing advice for the sports clubs and interested participants. Training and seminars on ‘intercultural openness’ at KSB Oberberg e.V. contribute to further integration and mutual understanding.

The associations that are already involved in refugee work are known. At meetings intended for the sharing and exchanging of experiences, they can report on their practical experiences and give advice to other clubs, thus strengthening the network.
The focus of the integration work of KSB Oberberg e.V. is thus intended to be on sustainability, the gaining of qualifications and on employee recruitment. Via special training, it is not only intended that migrants integrate into clubs, but that they also be available to take on functional roles as future employees of the clubs. For this purpose, there are already training approaches to which we and our advisors have access. With migrants as active group helpers and training instructors in sports clubs, further participants with a migration background are drawn in, too.

Integration is regarded as a cross-sectional task and is also a part of other projects, in particular NRW bewegt seine Kinder! (NRW Gets its Kids Moving) and bewegt Älter werden (Getting Older in Movement).
In conducting the integration measures thus initiated, KSB Oberberg e.V. is committed to working together with other stakeholders in the Gummersbach/Oberberg region. With the operations already established, it is possible to take advantage of existing contacts.

It is suggested to form an ‘Integration Network’, thus making optimal use of the region’s resources as a coordinating body.
This integration concept was created on 20/06/2016. Agreed by the board on 06/09/2016 and published on 08/09/2016.

The signed document can be viewed in our Download section.

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