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What exactly is a J-Team???

A J-Team is a kind of organisation in sport-related voluntary service for young people. It means the association of at least four people who are doing sport-related volunteering. In our J-Team, you have the opportunities to test yourself, to manage projects, to meet interesting people and to be part of our community. For example, this year we spent a weekend in Duisburg with many other J-Teams, where we were able to learn during various workshops and test ourselves in the Bubble Ball Challenge. In December, together with an exercise kindergarten, we took the Children’s Exercise Badge at the TV Bergnaustadt Games Party.

IMG_5847Here you see our J-Team winning a Bubble Ball tournament in Duisburg (front right Isabella Chiodo (13), Amira Lepperhoff (14), Léonard Heinrich (18); Jana Kallwitz (20) is not pictured)


If you are also interested in volunteering and experiencing exciting events surrounding everything to do with sports, you can gladly contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Your contact persons at Youth Sports Oberberg are Léonard Heinrich and Wiebke Strempel ( or 02261-91193-0).

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