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‘Integration via Sport’ 2016: Support for Clubs (Deadline for 2016 expired)

In light of the current refugee situation, the German federal government has in 2016 significantly increased funds for the federal ‘Integration via Sport’ programme for the direct financing of clubs. For LSB NRW, this means an extra €550,000.00 is available in funding. All of this funding is intended to benefit sports clubs that have committed to helping refugees and/or to long-term and sustainable integration efforts in and via sport.
The LSB NRW committee has in consultation with the federal spokespersons decided to provide funding to interested sports clubs that are not yet designated as participating in ‘Integration via Sports’. These funds will come via the city and municipal sports associations – the Stadtsportbünde and the Kreissportbünde (SSB/KSB). The subsidy amount per club is up to a maximum of €1,500.00.
The amount of funding for each SSB/KSB is based on the distribution list, corresponding with the number of clubs. Both a lower limit (€6,000.00 for the funding of min. four clubs) and an upper limit (€15,000.00 for the promotion of min. ten clubs) have been set.

Funding requirements


Supporting clubs in the ‘Integration via Sport’ programme

Sports clubs which are committed to integration work via the ‘Integration via Sport’ programme are referred to as base camp clubs and thus are part of the structure of the programme. They have a central role in the implementation of the programme, because they provide regular, long-term and continuous work on the ground and they create and promote integration structures which incorporate organised sport.

Funding requirements

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