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kreiskarteKreissportbund Oberberg e.V. is the association of all sports clubs in the Oberberg area. It represents the interests of around 380 sports clubs and has more than 87,000 members. The purpose of the Kreissportverband is

  • to advocate on behalf all citizens living in Oberberg so that they are given the opportunity to experience sport in up-to-date conditions,
  • to promote sport in every respect and coordinate the necessary measures with special reference to
  • increasingly comprehensive and strong leisure time, to represent sports in club-related and technical matters (also with respect to the Oberberg region and its local authorities), to be a public representative and to regulate related issues faced by its member clubs.


The duties of the Kreissportverband extend to diverse issues facing sport in modern society – especially in areas such as:

  • Sports for all, amateur and professional sports and disability sports
  • Sports infrastructure in Oberberg
  • Maintaining regional sporting relationships
  • Sport badges and professional badges
  • Leisure and education
  • Health and social responsibilities

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